Golf Practice Mat

Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Practice Mat


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Product Description

This mat is for refining drives or iron shots. This great new hitting mat allows
golfers to hit directly off the mat or use the rubber tee and can be used in
your home, driveway, or backyard. It uses the highest quality realistic
synthetic grass for real feeling golf shots and this grass will never put a mark
on your driver or iron. The weight of this mat is now almost 5lbs compared to
all other previous models that weigh 3lbs or less. This mat has also increased
in size and the new dimensions are L = 2.2′, W = 1′, Thickness is now .61″ of a
heavy duty non skid rubber with realistic synthetic grass. The rubber tee that
is included is 3.25″ tall. It is removable. These new hitting mats retail for
over $75.00 with shipping.